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Bling Shirts

As a printing company, we not only do heat transfers, sublimation or screen printing, but we also do bling onto shirts. We have had many people in the past asking us what bling shirts are? Bling is  rhinestones that we stick to shirts via heat. The rhinestones we use are called hotfix rhinestones.

What are hotfix rhinestones? Hotfix rhinestones normally have green or grey backs. The green/grey back is for sticking the rhinestone to the shirt. When the green/grey part gets hot it turns into a glue and will stick to the shirt.

Bling has become very popular among the brides, brides maid and maid of honor shirts. But don’t let it stop you from blinging anything you want! We can incorporate bling with heat transfers, sublimation and even screen printing or we can bling your entire design from top to bottom! We don’t just bling shirts, we can also bling shoes, cellphone cases etc.

When we do bling shirts we do it by hand. We don’t use a machine to do it for us. We are professionally trained to do any design in bling by hand.


How do you print a bling shirt?

For starters we don’t really print a bling shirt. We do print the template we will be using for the bling shirts.

How long does the bling last on the shirt?

The bling on the shirt will last as long as the shirt will, unless you deliberately try to scratch the bling off the shirt then it will fall off. We do however, give you extra bling for just in case one might fall off. We also give you detailed instructions on how to stick the rhinestone to the shirt.

How long does it take to make a bling shirt?

To give you an accurate answer on that we will have to see the design first. We do have templates for bride, maid of honor and brides maid that we use almost daily. So if you are looking for that we will be able to help you much faster than with something unique that we don’t have a template for. Normally it takes us about a day to make bride, maid of honor and brides maid shirts, but this also depends on how many shirts you want. The best way for us to help you is to send us your design.

What is a template?

A template for bling is the design you want on your shirt in a dotted format. The dots will be the exact same size as the rhinestones we apply to the shirt. Please see below an example of what a bling template looks like.


The image on the right side is a template used for applying rhinestones to a shirt:

Slide Background

The image on the left side is the outcome of what the rhinestones look like after applied:

Slide Background
What are bling templates used for?

The template is used to see exactly where each rhinestone should go on the shirt.

Can I make my own template and send it to you to use for the shirts?

Yes, you are more than welcome to send us your own design. Please just make sure that the dots on your design is the exact same size as the rhinestones you want to use. So for example, if you want to use the 4 mm rhinestone, you have to design your artwork with a 4 mm x 4 mm circle in order to insure that the rhinestones will fit onto the template.

Can you make a template if I only send you a picture?

Yes, we will be able to make the template. We do ask however, that you send a high resolution picture. If you send a picture of a low resolution like something you saved from your phone, the chances are good the we won’t be able to use it. Please make sure that your image is of a high resolution. After we made the template, we will send it to you for approval before we start production on your shirts. Please take note that if we have to design the template for you, we will have to charge you for the design.

What sizes of rhinestones do you have available?

We have 2mm – which is very small, 4mm – this is the most common used rhinestone and a 6mm rhinestone – these rhinestones are large and not normally used on shirts.

What color rhinestones do you have available?

We have different colors available. The best way to know exactly what colors we have in stock is to contact us. If you do want a color that we don’t have in stock we can order it for you. Please take note that this can take anything from 2 days – a month to arrive at our premises. This all depends if our supplier has the color in stock. If they don’t have it in stock, we have to order them from overseas.

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