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Button Badges

If you are looking for a fun and inexpensive way to market you company or business, then button badges are the way to go! We take pride in our contribution to the environment. Our button badges are made from recycled aluminium. Our button badges are very light weight and rust resistant. Working from our premises in Centurion, Pretoria, we have build up a reputation for the best button badges with our clients.  All our badges have high quality pins to ensure the badges won’t pop-off. Whether you want a black & white badge or a full color badge, either way we can help you with it. We have a fast turn around time for badges, depending on the quantity you want. We are restricted however, we can only make round button badges.

We have done as many as 10 000 button badges at one time. So as you can see, we can handle any amount of button badges you might need. We absolutely love making badges! We have made badges for big corporate companies to small companies just starting up and everything in between. Badges are a very fun way to advertise your company or brand.

Like we mentioned earlier, we only use recycled aluminium. We try to take the environment into consideration with every project we take on. We only use recycled material for our button badges. Just because we use recycled material, doesn’t mean that our buttons are from a low quality. We make sure that when you order badges from us, that every badge we make is treated the same as every other badge we have produced in the past. We take the utmost care when making badges to make sure that we always produce high quality button badges.

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