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What is heat transfer?

Heat transfer printing is the technique used to transfer a printed design from a special kind of vinyl to a garment. After the printed design is transferred onto the garment it’s pressed down using a heat press which will give it heat and pressure at the same time. The type of vinyl we use for this technique is called Poli Flex.

How will heat transfer benefit you?

1. Heat transfer has become very popular over the years for t-shirt printing. This is the most common used technique. Heat transfer comes in many different colors, from white all the way to black and almost any other color of the rainbow. You can also get heat transfer vinyls with textures to it such as glitter, snake skin or sequence. We also have a neon range and glow in the dark vinyls available.

2. Heat transfer works for both light and dark color garments.

3. You can do heat transfer on almost any kind of fabric. The fabric should just be durable enough to be able to handle heat.

4. The vinyls used for heat transfer are very durable.

 What are the downside to heat transfer?

1. You cannot iron over the printed area of the garment as it will start to melt or it will get damaged.

2. If you want a print with many colors, this technique will not work for you as the vinyl we use comes in just one color per vinyl. You do get vinyls with more than one color like zebra skin vinyl or leopard skin vinyl. If you have a print with 3 colors, we would be able to layer the vinyls on top of one another. The more colors you have, the more complicated it will get. If you have a print with many colors, we would suggest you to use our printable poli flex heat transfer vinyl option or you can have a look at our screen printing option or our sublimation option.

 What is printable poli flex heat transfer vinyl?

Printable poli flex heat transfer vinyl is a vinyl which we print your artwork on and transfer it onto the garment via a heat press.

How will the printable poli flex heat transfer vinyl benefit you?

1. You can use this technique with any color garment and also any kind of fabric. We can print custom colors and as many or as few colors onto the vinyl as desired.

 What are the downside to this technique?

1. If you want to print a big piece of artwork, it can get heavy on the garment.

2. You cannot iron over the printed area as it will damage and melt.

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