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Welcome to our services page!

On this page you will be able to see all of the products and services we can provide you with.

We started this company because we have a love for printing. To see something come to live is truly wonderful, but most importantly than that – to see the reaction of our clients when we show them the item/s we made for them is even a better feeling!

We strive to give our utmost best to every client that walks through our door. It doesn’t matter if you print one item or a thousand, we will always treat you like the most important client we have, because at wet-drop printing every client we have is as important to us as the next.

On our products and services page you will be able to see all the products and services we can offer you. If however, you don’t see the product or service you want or need on our page, please feel free to contact us with your request and we will contact you as soon as we can.

Graphic Design & Website Design

We at wet-drop printing have a team of professional graphic designers that not only design logos, corporate identities and t-shirt designs, but websites as well. If you are looking to re-brand your company or just want to spice up your website, why not give us a call or fill in our contact form by following this link? If you want to see some of the work that we have done, please feel free to ask us at any time and we will send you the examples you requested.

Some items we can sublimate onto

If you don’t see the item/s you want to sublimate onto in the list below, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout to ask any questions you need. If you want to see what the items in the list below looks like, contact us and we will send you pictures of the item/s.

* T-Shirts
* Mouse Pads
* Coasters
* Place Mats
* Jar Openers
* Mugs
* Color Changing Mugs
* Steins
* Vapor Apparel
* Ceramic & Glass Tiles
* Cutting Boards
* Ceramic Plates
* Tote Bags
* Aprons & Baby Bibs
* Puzzles
* Ceramic Ornaments
* Wine Bag
* Light Switch Plates
* Shoulder Bags
* Floor & Car Mats
* Flags
* Blank Towels
* Laptop & Ipad Cases
* Ipad & Iphone Cases
* Pet Bowls
* Caps
* Aluminum
* Car Sunshade
* Clocks, Wall
* Luggage Strap
* Oven Gloves
* Key Rings
* Plastic Name
* Tags | Badges
* Savings Box
* Water Bottles, Aluminum

To learn more about our sublimation process, go to our sublimation page where we will explain more about what sublimation is.

Heat Transfer Vinyls

Below are some of the heat transfer vinyls we have available. To see what they look like, please make an appointment with us and we will show you samples. Take note that some of the vinyls will have to be shipped into South Africa which will delay the printing process.

Poli-flex Nylon

is as transfer film with a special heat sealing adhesive for hydrophobic and nylon textiles. Poli-flex Nylon gives due to the self-adhesive polyester film excellent cutting and weeding properties.


* White
* Black
* Light Blue
* Green
* Navy Blue
* Royal Blue
* Forest Green Red
* Bordeaux
* Yellow
* Grey
* Purple
* Orange
* Metallic Gold
* Silver Metallic


is a high-quality heat ransfer rayon flock. The brilliance and texture are due to high fiber density.


* White
* Black
* Navy Blue
* Dark Green
* Light Blue
* Royal Blue
* Green
* Red
* Light Beige
* Yellow
* Magenta
* Grey
* Turquoise
* Purple
* Orange
* Signal Red
* Pink
* Off White
* Lemon Yellow
* Brown
* Lime Green

Poli-Flex Premium

is an ecologically proven polyurethane film with matt, reflectionfree surface, in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100


* White
* Black
* Light Blue
* Green
* Navy Blue
* Royal Blue
* Forest Green
* Red
* Bordeux
* Yellow
* Grey
* Turquoise
* Purple
* Orange
* Brown
* Beige
* Medium Yellow
* Lemon Yellow
* Gold Metallic
* Silver Metallic
* Neon Yellow
* Neon Green
* Neon Orange
* Neon Pink
* Magenta
* Baby Pink
* Fuchsia
* Sapphire
* Sky Blue
* Lilac
* Apple Green
* Aqua Green
* Military Green
* Antique Gold
* Aubergine
* Cardinal Red
* Flame Red
* Light Green
* Ice Blue
* Violet

Poli-Flex Image

is a high-quality flex film with special surface effect laminated with a heat sealing adhesive.


* Glitter White
* Glitter Silver
* Glitter Blue
* Glitter Green
* Glitter Red
* Glitter Gold
* Pearl Silver
* Pearl Gold
* Pearl Bronze
* Pearl Multicolor
* Pearl Blue
* Pearl Green
* Pearl Red
* Pearl Pink
* Paint Black
* Paint Green
* Paint Lilac
* Paint Red
* Paint Antique Silver
* Paint Pink
* Paint Purple
* Paint Yellow
* Starflex Sliver
* Starflex Gold
* Starflex Red
* Starflex Blue
* Starflex Green
* Starflex Rainbow
* Starflex Pink
* Starflex Purple
* Starflex Black
* Luminous
* Brilliant Gold
* Brilliant Silver
* Reflex Silver
* Reflex Eco

Poli-Flex Fashion

are transfer films with a fashionable design and unique surface finish. Poli-Flex Fashion gives your clothes an individual look. Every single piece will be absolutely unique.


* Copper
* Gold
* Silver
* Carbonium Silver
* Carbonium Gold
* Carbonium Red
* Jeans Red
* Jeans Blue
* Jeans Beige
* Twill Blue
* Twill Gold
* Twill Pink
* Spangle Gold
* Spangle Silver
* Spangle Green
* Snake Silver
* Snake Copper
* Snake Red
* Manta Ray Orange
* Marble Silver
* Marble Red
* Marble Blue
* Semi Punched Sliver
* Universal Sports
* Camouflage
* Leopard
* Zebra
* Giraffe
* Graffiti


We also have other services not mentioned above. We have stickers, magnets, wedding favors and much more. To learn more contact us.

To learn more about heat transfers and what we use them for, go to our heat transfer page where we will tell you more about what we use heat transfer vinyls for. Also if you don’t like our heat transfer option you can click on our screen printing page which will explain how the screen printing process works. Or if you feel you are ready to put in your order please contact us now and place your order today!

If you ever need any inspiration for t-shirt printing go to Designspiration and have a look at  the awesome ideas the people come up with.