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Screen Printing

Screen Printing is also referred to as silk screening. Screen printing is a technique used to print t-shirts with, but it is not only to print shirts with, you can also print flyers, caps etc.

With this technique you have to use a mesh which is stretched over a frame. You use a transparent paper to transfer the image from the transparent paper to the screen via the exposure of light. When you are ready to transfer the image to the shirt, you do that by using your screen and a squeegee.

Screen printing is one of the oldest printing techniques and it originated from China and became very popular in Europe and then in the rest of the world. Even though screen printing is an old technique, its still very popular to this day.

Screen printing is normally used for large quantities of prints. The reason for this is because in order to print your design, it first has to be prepared onto a screen and even before your image can be transferred onto a screen, the screen itself has to be treated.

For every color you want to print, there has to be a screen. So for example, it your design consists out of 3 colors, then 3 screen will have to be prepared before the production on your shirts can begin.

Unlike most other companies, we don’t ask a setup fee if you order a large quantity of prints from us. If you do however, just order a few shirts, we do ask a setup fee, but we are not limited to just screen printing. If you feel that screen printing is not for you, you can always try one of our other options – like heat transfer or sublimation.

The image below will demonstrate how screen printing works:

screen printing
  • screen printing

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