What is shirt printing?

Shirt printing is when you have a custom design about well, almost anything you want to put onto a shirt. When we talk about custom design it doesn’t have to be something designed by a professional. It can literally be anything like words that mean something to you, maybe a sports shirt for your team, or a loved one’s photo – you can see my point. Shirt printing is a big industry and everybody wants something custom and one of a kind. So this is were shirt printing really becomes popular. We at wet-drop printing strive to make sure that every shirt printed with us is as perfect is the previous shirt was and will be as perfect as the next one will be.

When we say shirt printing we don’t mean that you literally print the shirt. No, shirt printing means that we take the artwork of the client whether it is a photo or just words or whatever and transfer it onto the shirt with a heat press.

We think of ourselves as the shirt printing wizards. You may ask why? Well, the answer is very simple – we absolutely love the shirt printing industry!

Let me tell you a little story. Once a client came to us with such a big order that had to be done in a small amount of time. When I say big order I am talking about 890 shirts (to be exact). She wanted them done within 3 days. Well, as impossible as it seemed to get the shirts done, we simply put our minds and bodies together and worked as one big, mean, shirt printing machine and got the shirts done in time!!! This was a big milestone for us and we are proud of it!

So now you see, when you have a desire to get a shirt printed or you need it done as soon as possible – you know where to find us!!