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You may ask why we have an entire page dedicated to t-shirts? The answer is simple. Since t-shirts are our main focus at wet-drop printing, we see no reason why not to dedicate an entire page to t-shirts. We want you, as the client to fully understand our business and how we can help you. We take the printing of garments very seriously and its our main focus to make sure every garment that goes out of our door, is even better than the previous one.

Our t-shirts we have available, not only vary from size and color, but also from what kind of technique we use it for. Since we have different techniques we use for printing artwork onto t-shirts, we would need different kinds of t-shirts which are made up from different fabrics. We also have different grams available for different types of use. For example if you wanted a shirt for doing any sort of activity like running or exercising in, we would suggest a lower gram shirt. So instead of a 190 g shirt, we would give you a 160 g shirt. The reason for this is because the shirt will be lighter, easier to wear and more airy.

Our garments are from a very high quality and are specially made for printing onto. You can be assure that if you order from us that you would get the best quality print and shirt every time.

We have a wide variety of t-shirts you can choose from. Whether you are looking for crew-neck or v-neck t-shirts or maybe long sleeved or golf shirts! We have it all!!

Have a look at our list of shirts we can provide you with here or if you want to find out more about the techniques we use for printing you can learn more about going to either one of the following pages: heat transfer | screen printing | sublimation

If you ever need any inspiration for t-shirt printing go to Designspiration and have a look at  the awesome ideas the people come up with.