Custom T-Shirt Printing

We print any custom design you want on a t-shirt – from bling, to words to a to a picture of anything you desire. We also have a wide variety of heat transfer materials to print on. Click here to view the list. If you are interested in any of our heat transfer vinyls you are more than welcome to come in and have a look at what the vinyl will look like, you can even touch them if you like. Some of the vinyls have a very nice texture to it when you touch it. Please take note that some of the vinyls are not sold in South Africa and will have to be imported which will delay the printing process.

We don’t just have vinyls we print on. If you like something different, you can choose our sublimation option. What is sublimation? Sublimation is when you print your image onto a special paper with special ink. After the artwork is printed onto the paper, it is transferred onto the shirt. A press will press the shirt and artwork together and apply heat at the same time. When sublimation ink comes in contact with heat, it turns into a gas and will sink into the fabric. Please take note that this kind of printing works best for lighter colors, but if you are looking for a rustic kind of shirt – sublimation will do the trick. Sublimation printing only works with some types of fabric. So if you supply your own shirt, please give us a call first to tell you what kind of fabric you should look for if you want this printing method.

If you are unsure of which method would work best for you, send us your artwork and we will tell you which method will work the best for you. Click on the link below to fill in our contact form.

Have A Look At The T-Shirts We Can Provide

If you ever need any inspiration for t-shirt printing go to Designspiration and have a look at  the awesome ideas the people come up with.